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Bachelor of Arts in Architectural Studies

The Bachelor of Arts in Architectural Studies is an upper-level undergraduate major that uses architecture and related design practices as a lens through which to understand the history of ideas and cultural invention. In addition, it exposes students to the synthetic environment of the design studio, providing an introductory experience that some students may wish to pursue later in graduate education.

The program operates as a two-year junior and senior program. It will admit undergraduate students having completed two years of college, either at UIC or at other institutions. Students interested in the program who have not attained junior status will be enrolled in the College of Liberal Arts and Sciences until such time as they are ready to apply. Upon completion of the prerequisite course work, they may apply to the program as intercollege transfer students. Admitted students will move as a cohort through the junior and senior year programs, graduating at the end of the two year program.

In addition to the understanding of contemporary architecture culture provided by the program’s theory and history courses, students will gain design experience in two introductory studio courses, and thus have greater appreciation for the work and synthetic problem-solving methods that comprises design. The major has enough University elective offerings to enable students to pursue and potentially minor in other areas of interest.

The Bachelor of Arts in Architectural Studies program is designed to provide graduating students with everything they would need to prepare an application that would be favorably received by three year Master of Architecture (MArch) programs such as that offered by UIC. Graduates who do not choose to continue into a professional degree program may work in related architectural careers or apply for advanced degrees in landscape architecture, graphic or industrial design, urban design and planning, law, public policy, history/theory of architecture, or business.