Frequently Asked Questions

Do you offer housing for students from outside Chicago?

Although we welcome students from outside of the Chicago area to enroll in the HiArch program, due to the small and focused program size, the School does not facilitate housing arrangements for program participants. The University has limited Guest and Intern Housing options available by separate application. These accommodations are located on UIC's West Campus, about 1.5 miles from the program site. Please contact for more information. If you need recommendations for hotel information near campus, please see UIC's Campus Visit page

Can students enroll in Week 2: Model-Making Workshop without taking Week 1 of HiArch?

The two weeks of HiArch and the Model-Making Workshop are progressive, so students cannot enroll in Week 2 without completing Week 1. If a student has taken Week 1 in a previous summer, and wishes to do Week 2 later on, they can do so, and the registration fee is the same as the Week 1 cost. 

Is HiArch open to students who will be starting high school in the fall? 

Yes, HiArch is open to rising freshmen through graduating seniors.

Is prior architecture experience required?

No, the content of HiArch is designed to be manageable for all students. The program is highly collaborative between the participants, faculty, and student assistants, and we expect all students to participate and learn together, regardless of their background. It is generally helpful when students have taken previous art or design classes, but it is by no means expected or required.

Additional questions?