Fall 2020 Semester Information for Undergraduate Students

Updated July 22, 2020

The university is preparing to operate on a hybrid model for the Fall 2020 semester. This means that some School of Architecture courses will be offered fully online, while others may have an in-person component. Our building will operate at limited capacity. The health and safety of our community continue to be our top priority.

The plans below may need to change as the COVID-19 situation evolves. The school will notify students of changes via email; please continue to read school newsletters and other communications.

Online-only courses

The following undergraduate courses will meet synchronously online at their regularly scheduled times:

Arch 151: Architecture at Chicago
Arch 200: Architecture and Society
Arch 251: Architectural Analysis
Arch 359: Architectural Technology 1
Arch 371: Architectural Theory 1
Arch 470: Structures I: Statics

In addition, at least three sections of Arch 414: Contemporary Practices will be fully online, and at least one section of Arch 465: Advanced Topic Studio 1 will be fully online.

In-person courses

Courses not listed above may meet in person in some capacity with proper physical distancing and safety measures in place. The school will be following campus-wide policies for sanitization and other safety measures, including having soap at all sinks and hand sanitizer and classroom cleaning supplies available throughout the building. 

In-person class meetings will be held at the discretion of the faculty. Students will not be required to come to campus if they don’t feel comfortable doing so. The school will clarify general expectations and policies for both hybrid and online-only courses (e.g., attendance) in the coming weeks. Students opting out of in-person instruction should be prepared to work with course instructors one-on-one to set the terms for their participation at the start of the semester.

First day of classes

There will be a virtual All-School Meeting for all students on Monday, August 24, at 1pm. Virtual lottery presentations for the Arch 414 seminars and Arch 465 studios will immediately follow that meeting. All BA students enrolling in Arch 414 and all fourth-year BS students should attend the lottery.

Studios and classrooms

We have rearranged the studio spaces to allow for properly spaced work stations for the 105, 205, and 365 studios. There will be strict rules in place to promote proper health and safety practices. Among these, we will not allow any guests in studios, and the building will remain on swipe-access only for the entire semester. Enrolled students will be the only ones permitted to enter their designated studio spaces. Students will not be required to work in the studio if they do not feel comfortable doing so.

Arch 105 usually meets in B100, but for Fall 2020 will use rooms 4300 and 5300 (usually the third- and fourth-year studios).

Arch 205 usually meets in 2100, but for Fall 2020 will use room B100 (usually the first-year studio).

Arch 365 usually meets in 4300, and for Fall 2020 will use room 2100 (usually the second-year studio).

Arch 465 usually meets in 5300, but will not have designated studio space for Fall 2020. Arch 465 topic studios will be able to use pin-up space throughout the building for desk crits as needed. 


The Fabrication and Project Labs will not be open for walk-in hours but will coordinate with course instructors to make services and space available for specific projects on an as-needed basis, with priority given to the 465 studios (given the absence of studio space for these students). Lab staff will also be available to remotely assist with fabrication demonstrations and planning to support project development throughout the semester. The Print Lab hours and procedures are still in development but will similarly be arranged to align with coursework needs.


The School of Architecture staff will work on a hybrid model, as well: only one staff member will be in the office each day, on a reduced schedule. Staff will rotate these in-office days and work remotely when not in the office. Staff will continue to be most accessible via email.

Please contact your academic advisor with any questions.

Undergraduate advising: