Six of One,
Half-Dozen of Another

Faculty Exhibition Series


November 14–December 14, 2012
Second Floor Ribbon Gallery
UIC School of Architecture

Opening Event
Wednesday, November 14, 6pm

The UIC School of Architecture is pleased to present FIELD, the first in a series of semiannual collaborative faculty exhibitions. This iteration cuts through the concept of "field" within architecture in two ways: one half of the show re-frames six recent "individual" faculty projects with the term "field" in mind, and the second half presents a temporary installation on the School's Bridge conceived, designed, and executed by this same group of faculty. The resulting strains of dialogue—at times subtle, at others overt—re-invigorate the term, and in doing so, make new claims on its productive architectural capacities.

Six of One, Half-Dozen of Another is an ongoing series of exhibitions that assemble six School of Architecture faculty, individually and collectively, around an architectural idea. FIELD is the first of this series; FIGURE will follow in Spring 2013.

Participating Faculty

Kelly Bair (Assistant Professor)
David Brown (Associate Professor)
Stewart Hicks (Assistant Professor) and Allison Newmeyer (Visiting Assitant Professor)
Clare Lyster (Assistant Professor)
Andrew Moddrell (Clinical Assistant Professor)
Xavier Vendrell (Professor)