Figure, Spring 2013 Faculty Exhibition

Six of One,Half-Dozen of Another
Faculty Exhibition Series


April 5–30, 2013
Third Floor Octagon Gallery
UIC School of Architecture

Opening Event
Friday, April 5, 6pm

The UIC School of Architecture is pleased to present Figure, the second in a series of semiannual collaborative faculty exhibitions. Like Field—its conceptual counterpart—in the fall, Figure asks participants to do two things: to reframe an existing project with the term "figure" in mind, creating a cross-section of takes on one concept, and to produce a collective installation that addresses shared interests and begins to lay claim to a group definition of the term.

Six of One, Half-Dozen of Another is an ongoing series of exhibitions that assemble six School of Architecture faculty, individually and collectively, around an architectural idea.

Participating Faculty

Julia Capomaggi
Clinical Assistant Professor

Julie Flohr
Clinical Assistant Professor

Thomas Kelley
Visiting Assistant Professor

Jimenez Lai
Assistant Professor

Ryan Palider
Clinical Assistant Professor

Teddy Slowik
Adjunct Assistant Professor