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Faculty Exhibition Series


November 15–December 13, 2013
Second Floor Ribbon Gallery
UIC School of Architecture

Opening Event
Friday, November 15, 6pm

Participating Faculty

Sarah Blankenbaker (Adjunct Assistant Professor)
Grant Gibson (Clinical Assistant Professor)
Stewart Hicks (Assistant Professor) and
Allison Newmeyer (Visiting Assitant Professor)
Molly Hunker (2013 Garofalo Fellow)
Sam Jacob (Clinical Professor)
Ania Jaworska (Adjunct Assistant Professor)
Jimenez Lai (Assistant Professor)
Sean Lally (Assistant Professor)
José Oubrerie (Visiting Professor)
Ryan Palider (Clinical Assistant Professor)
Paul Preissner (Associate Professor)
Xavier Vendrell (Professor)
Dan Wheeler (Professor)
Andrew Zago (Clinical Professor)