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Second Year Spring Undergraduate Studio

Thomas Kelley
with Kelly Bair, Sarah Blankenbaker, Maya Nash, and John Manaves
Spring 2015

As Little As Possible

Details are vague. Details are parts, details are wholes. They range in scale, application, material, appearance, and ideology. Details lie, details tell the truth, and sometimes details don’t say anything at all. And while details may often arrive at the end of an architectural process, this studio aims to confront the architectural detail from the start. The title of the studio, As Little As Possible, describes how this studio aims to define the architectural detail. The adjective  “little” is meant to be read as an economy of means where little conveys the detail’s size and effort. In part, the studio is concerned with researching and developing the smallest detail possible towards making the largest spatial and social impact.

Expands basic principles of building design and representation explored through integrative analysis of program, site, structure, materials, mechanical systems, and composition, developed under the general theme of architectural technology