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Third Year Fall Undergraduate Studio

Clare Lyster
with Sarah Dunn, Iker Gil, Andrew Moddrell
Fall 2014

Field Formats

The studio explores urban space from the perspective of field systems. Over the last 15 years “field” has become a popular trope in architecture because its properties can handle complex urban forces that are continually in flux. Since a field is composed of multiple elements that vary in their density, orientation, and distribution across a horizontal surface, it is presented as a non-hierarchical way to format space; an open-ended spatial strategy capable of absorbing change over time and a viable diagram to resolve top down form with bottom up processes. Within this context students develop their own field system toward the design of a public park in Bridgeport. “Field” is deployed not only as an organizational model but also to generate new experiences for public space in the city.

Arch 365
Intermediate exercises in building design and representation explored through integrative analysis of program, site, structure, materials, mechanical systems, and composition, developed under the general theme of city and environment.