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Third Year Spring Undergraduate Studio

Grant Gibson
with Sarah Blankenbaker, Chris Frye, Allison Newmeyer
Spring 2015

From Bigness to Thickness

In response to two essays, "The Developed Surface" by Robin Evans and "Junkspace" by Rem Koolhaas,  this studio addresses the issue of contemporary public space through the development of a cultural venue, inserted into an existing interior urban fabric. In attempting to capture the dynamism of urbanity within novel architectural compositions, the studio recuperates industrial and interior design considerations as the basis from which all architectural decisions are made.  Working from a series of design exercises on standard building features like furniture, interior finishes, and thresholds, the design approach is one that works from the inside outwards to more conventional architectural elements, to address the contemporary dilemma of the public interior.

Arch 366
Extended intermediate exercises in building design and representation explored through integrative analysis of program, site, structure, materials, mechanical systems, and composition, developed under the general theme of city and environment.