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Fourth Year Fall Undergraduate Topic Studio

Sean Lally
Fall 2014


The chemical, geological, and biological components of the environments in which we build architecture are in a continual state of change.  And as discussions continue regarding climate change and sustainable building practices, a common misconception exists that the answer entails stopping the clock on this four billion year progression in favor of perpetuating a single snapshot of our recent past.  The studio traces the augmentation and design of the environment from the introduction of agriculture, the pleasure garden, pavilions, greenhouses, street lighting, and air conditioning before projecting forward to design a new form of architectural space. These shapes emerge not from an expertise in walls and surfaces, but by working with the chemical, atmospheric, and biological components of our environments as the new building blocks of architecture.

Arch 465
Advanced studio that pursues specific design and research agendas of current significance; students choose by lottery from among several options that are offered by faculty.