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Third Year Spring Graduate Research Studio

Weird Places, Doodle Cities, and Dubious Architectures
Spring 2015

This research studio explores the current configuration and ambitions of global cities, investigates how they came to be at this point, and offers a set of ideas for a tomorrow that isn't shiny, smooth, and tall, but possibly weird and fuzzy, or crooked, or weird, squiggly, and dubious. The studio takes the certainty of the straight line or the computer enabled curve and substitute it with the uncertainty and laziness of the doodle. It explores weirdness and oddity and reluctance and strangeness, appropriating techniques from modernity and those reactions against it to develop a palate of compositions and politics and forms and relationships and dreams and interests and scenarios and communities and other things that offer an alternative to today’s increasingly narrow official interests.

Paul Preissner, Associate Professor