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Third Year Spring Graduate Research Studio

Andrew Zago
Spring 2015

Inside Outside In

If geometry relinquishes nearly all of its capacity for mathematical complexity when it encounters the brute fact of matter in architecture, that loss is compensated for by geometry’s ability to organize that matter into the sensate artifacts we recognize as architecture. Even more degraded in its encounter with architecture is topology.  Nonetheless, in recent years there have been a number of notable experiments in which discrete architectural components and compartments are made to deform, twist, and stretch into one another in attempts to reconfigure the default diagram of the building as a box. This studio examines and exploits the successes of these experiments but applies them to a different set of architectural concerns via alternative proposals for a new Federal Courthouse in Los Angeles.

The spring research studio is the culmination of a year-long course of study, which, coupled with the fall research seminar (Arch 566), combines collaborative and individual design-research, in multiple genres, that addresses concerns at the edge of the contemporary discipline.