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Second Year Fall Undergraduate Studio

Stewart Hicks
with David Brown, Julia Capomaggi, Ania Jaworska, and Jon MacGillis
Fall 2014

Chicago Reframed

This studio is devoted to exploring the co-themes of technology and the city of Chicago as they come together in Chicago frame buildings. In the studio, the frame is treated as an a priori fact like it is described in Colin Rowe’s essay, “The Chicago Frame.” The studio researches various Chicago frame buildings and their component parts through the lenses of base, body, top, skin, and shape. The act of design for the studio is introduced through aggregating the components identified in the research into novel configurations using a “what if” question as the motivating force. The studio touches upon a number of contemporary architectural themes including the role of history in the process of design.

Principles of building design and representation explored through integrative analysis of program, site, structure, materials, mechanical systems, and composition, developed under the general theme of architectural technology.