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Fourth Year Fall Undergraduate Topic Studio

Alexander Eisenschmidt
Fall 2014

In Search for an Architectural Urbanism

This studio revisits the question of the city and aims to instrumentalize architecture at the level of urbanism. It asks if architecture can move beyond itself, i.e. beyond the one-off building form and towards an architectural urbanism that occupies the intersection between building and city. It participates in a trajectory that was long in the making, from Piranesi’s Campo Marzio via Cerdà’s Plan for Barcelona to Le Corbusier’s Plan Voisin and Hilberseimer’s imaginings for Chicago. By revisiting these earlier schemes and rethinking their techniques and ambitions, the studio aims to identify alternative forms of architectural urbanism of today. In other words, the aim is to formulate the project of architecture as that of the city.

Arch 465
Advanced studio that pursues specific design and research agendas of current significance; students choose by lottery from among several options that are offered by faculty.