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Save the Date! HiArch 2017 is scheduled for July 10–14, 2017.

HiArch is UIC's summer architecture workshop for current high school students (please note: students entering high school in Fall 2017 are not eligible). Over the course of one week, HiArch introduces its participants to architectural ways of creating and producing objects and spaces.

In the HiArch studio, participants develop skills in both analog and digital types of making, from drawing and building models by hand to 3D drawing and modeling on the computer. Participants also gain exposure to the field of architecture through lunchtime lectures and discussions with invited designers. On the final day, students' family and friends are invited to the School of Architecture to view an exhibit of work from HiArch and celebrate the participants' acheivement.

Online registration will be available in January 2017. In the meantime, join our email list and be the first to know at

HiArch is also on Facebook! Check out photos from past years.


HiArch runs July 10–14, 2017. The program requires a full daytime commitment, from 9am through 4pm, Monday through Friday.

HiArch is a daytime program. While students may wish to continue work on the projects they develop at HiArch at home, faculty will assign only what can be completed by the end of each day in studio.

HiArch participants work through a series of projects that introduce ways of working and thinking like an architect using handmade and digital media. Beyond working by hand and on the computer, participants are also introduced to cutting-edge technologies like 3D printing and laser cutting. There is time at the end of the day to discuss each student's efforts with fellow participants and the faculty.

A typical day in HiArch might be scheduled as follows:

9am–10am: Lecture/tutorial on new technique or project
10am–12pm: Studio time—concepts and planning, desk critiques
12pm–1:00pm: Lunch break and discussion with an architect
1:00–3:30pm: Studio time—making, desk critiques
3:30–4pm: Discussion with participants and faculty

What former participants say about HiArch:

"HiArch was a great learning experience. I would highly recommend it to anyone interested in architecture."

"The lunch lectures were very informal and they changed my idea and perception of what I thought architecture was. I really enjoyed everything about this camp."

"I loved this program and I've already started telling my friends!"