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HiArch Summer High School Architecture Workshop

HiArch 2020

Virtual program:

Week 1: July 13–17, 2020
Week 2, Model-Making Workshop: July 20–24, 2020

HiArch is UIC's introductory summer architecture program for current high school students. The program introduces students to architectural ways of thinking and making through class tutorials, studio time, one-on-one desk critiques, and group discussions. Students will develop both analog and digital skills, from drawing and building models by hand to digital drafting and computer modeling. They will also gain exposure to the field of architecture through guest lectures and discussions with UIC students, faculty, and local designers. The program concludes each year with an exhibit of students' work and celebration of their achievements with family and friends at the School of Architecture.

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, HiArch 2020 is shifting to a virtual format. Course meetings will be held Monday through Friday from 10 am-4 pm. The program cost for 2020 will be decreased. Learn more about the program schedule


Registration form is available on the Registration and Cost page. 


What former participants say about HiArch:

"HiArch was a great learning experience. I would highly recommend it to anyone interested in architecture."

"The lunch lectures were very informal and they changed my idea and perception of what I thought architecture was. I really enjoyed everything about this camp."

"I loved this program and I've already started telling my friends!"