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Director’s Message

Something that has historically defined the School of Architecture at UIC is the committed understanding of architecture as a cultural practice. That implies that architecture is not only a defined field with intrinsic rules and specificities, but also one immersed in a network of manifestations, actions, philosophies, and conjunctural representations of who and how we are in the world today.

In times of radical change, we share the commitment to fill education with meaning, inquiries, experiences, and thoughts that will allow our students to project possible futures. That is why we believe in a generalist approach to professional education; fostering critical thinking, theoretical speculation, open-ended experimentation, and a “we-can-make-it-happen” mindset.

Because of the role of the UIC School of Architecture in contemporary debates and its position in Chicago, it is a potent cultural hub. Lectures, publications, panel discussions, workshops, fabrication labs, networking with active practitioners, and a renowned faculty that offers a diverse range of original and stimulating studios and seminars, make it an exceptional environment for the personal growth required to enter a competitive professional world.

Studying at UIC is a unique experience in which students get mentored to find their voices, be proactive, and get involved.

We look forward to your visit and to welcoming you to our community.

Florencia Rodriguez
Director, UIC School of Architecture