Spring 2024 Studio Final Reviews

This semester, we look forward to welcoming guest reviewers Xavi Aguirre (stock-a-studio / MIT), Joseph Altshuler (Could Be Architecture / UIUC), Jennifer Bonner (Mall), Christopher Hawthorne (Yale), Wonne Ickx (Productora, GSAPP), Ann Lui (Future Firm), Felipe Mesa Rico (Plan: B Architects / Arizona State University), Nick Roseboro (Architensions / Syracuse University), Charlotte von Moos (Sauter von Moos / University of Miami).

Open to all; students and faculty are encouraged to attend. 

Monday, April 29

A Home for Hundreds
Fourth-year undergraduate option studio
Faculty: Grant Gibson
9am–1pm / 1100

A Quarter Century of Crisis /Decline / Progress
Fourth-year undergraduate option studio
Faculty: Vincent Calabro
9am–1pm / 3100

Fourth-year undergraduate option studio
Faculty: Thomas Kelley
9–1pm / 4530

Waste Not, On Material Circularity
Third-year undergraduate studio
Faculty: Kelly Bair (coordinator), Chris Frye, Igo Kommers Wender, Allison Newmeyer, Mel Rovner, Aura Venckunaite
2–6pm / 1100 and 4530

Out Building
Fourth-year undergraduate option studio
Faculty: Dan Wheeler
2–6pm / 3550

Tuesday, April 30

A block is a block is a block
Fourth-year undergraduate option studio
Faculty: Sarah Dunn
9am–1pm / 1300

Spatial Interplay
First-year graduate studio
Faculty: Antonio Torres
9am–1pm / 3100

First-year undergraduate studio
Faculty: Paul Preissner (coordinator), Andrew Jennings, Meghan Quigley, Cody Schueller, Juan Suarez, Julia Turner
3-5pm / 1100

Sequence of Spaces
Second-year undergraduate studio
Faculty: Barbara Materia (coordinator), Robert Becker, Judith De Jong, Ania Jaworska, Spencer McNeil, Cédric Van Parys
3–5pm / 3100

Wednesday, May 1

Once Upon a Time in West Hollywood
Second-year graduate studio
Faculty: Robert Somol and Andrew Zago
9:30am–1pm and 2–5:30pm / 1100

Thursday, May 2

Third-year graduate studio
Faculty: Sean Lally
9am–12pm / 1100

Grain, Cows + Gum: The Spatial Footprint of Metabolic Systems
Third-year graduate studio
Faculty: Clare Lyster
1pm–4pm / 1100

Friday, May 3

“At Home with the Collective: Housing Urbanisms for Chicago”
Third-year graduate studio
Faculty: Alexander Eisenschmidt
10:30am–1pm / 1300