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UIC faculty to participate in Chicago Architecture Biennial

Congratulations to the School of Architecture faculty who have been selected to participate in the Chicago Architecture Biennial this fall:

Paul Andersen (Independent Architecture) and Paul Preissner (Paul Preissner Architects)
Sarah Dunn (Urbanlab)
Sam Jacob (Sam Jacob Studio)
Ania Jaworska (Ania Jaworska)
Stewart Hicks and Allison Newmeyer (Design With Company)
Thomas Kelley (Norman Kelley)
Andrew Zago (Zago Architecture)
On the subject of this biennial, Make New History, Artistic Directors Sharon Jonston and Mark Lee write:

"Today, history represents neither an oppressive past that modernism tried to discard nor a retrograde mind-set against unbridled progress. Instead, at a time when there is too much information and not enough attention—when a general collective amnesia perpetuates a state of eternal presentness—understanding the channels through which history moves and is shaped by architecture is more important than ever. A generation of architects has noted a renewed interest in precedents of architecture. Committed to progress, but always from within an architectural tradition, these architects are producing innovative and subversive works grounded in the fundamentals of the discipline, and rooted in the fabrics of the cities where they are built, without feeling pressured to keep up with micro-trends or being accused of cultural appropriation."

For a comprehensive list of particiants, go here.
Saturday, September 16, 2017 to Sunday, January 7, 2018