The Pliable Plane

The Pliable Plane
Faculty Exhibition Series

March 3–May 9, 2016
Second Floor Ribbon Gallery
UIC School of Architecture
Architecture+Design Studios

Opening Event
Thursday, March 3, 5:30–7pm

The UIC School of Architecture is pleased to present The Pliable Plane, the Spring 2016 faculty exhibition. The exhibition asks participants to collectively explore architectural issues such as tectonics, materiality, form, pattern, and structure through the application of pliable materials.

Jennifer Meakins
Publications Editor

Nicholas Rummler
Instructional Laboratory Specialist

Antonio Torres
Adjunct Assistant Professor

Aura Venckunaite
Adjunct Assistant Professor

With special thanks to Meghan Funk, Camille Castillo, Jessica Cavallaris, Jonathan Gonzalez-Caracheo, Dennis Cuadrado, Roberto Gamez, Caroline Grebner, June Gudoor, Maria Gunawan, Henry He, Tyler Lausch, Jon MacGillis, German Magos, Gail and Mark Meakins, Hsu Myat Aung, Victor Reyes, Ayesha Riaz, Kevin Rosas, Megan Rusch, Angeliki Sykiotis, Jason Vaccarello, Lukasz Wojnicz, Michael Zimmer