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Comfort Shack

Arnie Santoyo
Comfort Shack

From the second-year undergraduate studio Through the Seams, Spring 2021
Faculty: Johannes Berry

About the studio:

In sewing, a seam is the moment where two or more layers of textiles are held together with stitches. For architecture, a seam is the space between two or more materials that either meld or antagonize each other. The premise of the studio was to examine the relevance of seams as geometric and spatial details and mash-ups of traditional and alternative materials. It explored the implications of seams beyond mere technology, industry, and ornamentation as a way of gaining access to architectural details, materiality, form, and space.

About the project:

Using two different joints together creates a structure best described as a shack building. The purpose of the building is to provide public and private areas that can be used to rest and relax. The ideal location of this building would be near hiking trails, or in a dense forest where people may want a safe area to rest.