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Craigslist, But In Person

Uriel Gutierrez
Craigslist, But In Person

From the third-year undergraduate studio The Market Studio, Spring 2021
Faculty: Grant Gibson

About the studio:

The market is a fundamental element of society, yet is there a worse genre of contemporary work than retail architecture? This studio sought to understand shopping—the mundane kind required of all of us—and architecture’s ability to make this activity significant, specifically in the context of America’s most common market, the big box store. By examining and questioning conventions of siting, program, and building form, the studio developed new models of the big box type and the shopping experiences that might occur within it.

About the project:

This project consists of a landscape of countertops that is roughly 500,000 square feet. The landscape also has tree canopies and pavilions that provide shade. The countertops allow for anyone to come and sell their own goods. The project allows for a more democratic system that allows for anyone to be a customer and retailer. It creates an experience that is crafted for the people of the community.