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Monica Mulica

From the fourth-year undergraduate option studio (im)perfection, Spring 2020
Faculty: Dan Wheeler

About the studio:

Before this studio, students studied the Chicago frame, monastic life, and warehouses, among other topics; they have encountered issues of varied material connections or color, or traced and extended histories. We wished to build from these experiences with heightened interest in control. To do so, the studio took on the taboo subject of perfection—and its alter ego, imperfection. We used as our vehicle a modestly scaled building, an artist’s working studio, as proof of architectural understanding/convictions at this moment in time in each student’s trajectory.

About the project:

This project attempts to connect the visiting artist to the authenticity of Chicago’s steel yards by referencing the material history of the site. The thirty-foot concrete walls are accompanied by tunnels and wildly overgrown landscape. The given square footprint is divided into thirds and with an eye for symmetries inspired by the work of Donald Judd.