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Graduate student portfolios

Each year, all graduate students in the School of Architecture submit a portfolio to be reviewed by a faculty committee and considered for a spot in our annual Portfolio Day event. Students must choose how to best represent all core design studio or writing seminar work, expanding and evolving their portfolios each year.

The following portfolios represent a selection of work by current and recent graduate students across all three graduate programs.

Annie Golz, MArch


Coleman Little, MSArch/MAD-Crit


Samuel McChesney, MArch


Arnie Santoyo, MArch


Audrey Schulte, MArch


Irving Shen, MSArch/MAD-Crit


Tim Wood, MArch


Cody Tyler Schueller, MArch and MAD-Crit, class of 2023


Donovan Bunn, MSArch, class of 2023


Morgan Peterson, MArch, class of 2022


Olga Ramirez Vargas, MArch, class of 2022


Summer Hofford, MArch, class of 2021


Jeffri Jacobe, MArch, class of 2021


Jacob Patnode, MArch, class of 2020


Julia Turner, MArch, class of 2020