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Group Form

Mallory Rabeneck
Group Form

From the first-year graduate studio The “F” Word(s):
Architectural Form + Format, Fall 2019
Faculty: Kelly Bair

About the studio:

This studio focused on forms of architecture and their production through the intersecting lenses of geometry (lines) and image (pixels). To coax out the aesthetic of this combination, students worked through design problems rooted in both projective geometry (drawing) and advanced computation (imaging). Fumihiko Maki’s Investigations in Collective Form served as a loose guide in the design of an addition to the National Public Housing Museum in Chicago.

About the project:

Originally the site consisted of four letterform housing types: “U,” “L,” “I,” and “E”-shaped buildings. Group Form applies the transformation techniques of rotation, lifting, and extrusion to the original letter-like forms to define new three-dimensional courtyard spaces. As the types transform the ground comes with them, acting as both wall and roof in addition to floor and circulation.