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House for One Man Show

Chen Huang
House for One Man Show

From the fourth-year undergraduate option studio Object/Room/House with Its Own Rules, Fall 2018
Faculty: Ania Jaworska

About the studio:

In this studio we were interested in the use of space—space created by objects, rooms, and actions. We attributed rules to objects, rooms, and houses in order to uncover new forms of narrative through the process of examination and design. Within the stage set of the everyday, we sought to feel the immense weight of domestic conditions, and emphasize the need to constantly reassess and re-access our relationships to the things around us. 

About the project:

“There is a wet towel. There is a long staircase, who knows where it goes… A painting hangs on the entry to the bedroom. There is a plant that needs to be watered on a daily basis. Someone just bought groceries—what is he cooking today? IS THIS A SHOWER HEAD? LOOK HOW BIG IT IS…and the room is still steaming...I wonder what else can happen in this house…”