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No Wonder Museum

Emily Kellogg
No Wonder Museum

From the first-year graduate studio No Wonder Museum, Spring 2021
Faculty: Stewart Hicks

About the studio:

This studio took an inquisitive peer into the world of spectacle experience institutions, like the WNDR Museum in Chicago’s West Loop, by exploring architectural resolution and authorship. The WNDR Museum curates a series of high-resolution and individually focused digital and analog experiences for selfie-friendly consumption. The “No Wonder” Museum, on the other hand, proposes an alternate response that deploys “low-resolution” architecture to contend with the stringent landmark district rules and to build new collectives with a generic museum program. Central to this endeavor was developing a nuanced thesis on the role of authorship, context, and place as a means to engage the “look what I stumbled upon” attitude of both the WNDR Museum and the proponents of “low-res” architecture.

About the project:

This project is made of grids. Grids of windows line the streets of the Fulton Market neighborhood, which in this project are extrapolated through the building’s skin. The multiplicity of grids produces an interplay of varying resolutions, all fighting for the foreground.