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Stage Staging Staged

Aleks Forystek
Stage Staging Staged

From the second-year undergraduate studio Stage Staging Staged, Spring 2019
Faculty: Abby Chang

About the studio:

Through contemporary techniques of image-making and drawing, this studio explored oscillations between architecture, behavior, and performance toward the production of new forms of architectural space. We worked iteratively through a series of exercises to uncover the relationship between architecture, the body, spatial behaviors, and various ways people can perform with architecture. We looked closely at the frictions that emerge by understanding the “stage” as an object, “staging” as a means to produce narratives for spatial objects, and “staged” as the staging of a performative event.

About the project:

The shell of a building conceals misbehaving architectural elements. To camouflage itself in an urban context, the windows puncturing the shell copy its neighbors. Acting as a portal, the facade mediates between the everyday and the realm of fantasy. Participants discover architectural building elements intertwining, switching roles, and performing in unexpected ways. The building is a dynamic environment that questions the familiar, static world of architecture.