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Talking to a Brick Wall

Maciej Matysek
Talking to a Brick Wall

From the second-year undergraduate studio Talking to a Brick Wall, Spring 2020
Faculty: Stewart Hicks

About the studio:

This studio explored brick details as the genesis of architectural form. The brick is ubiquitous and has a simple set of rules that govern its accumulation—yet its infinite configural possibilities have preoccupied architecture for centuries. The final design prompt asked for digitally constructed proto-buildings that express the tendencies of the uncommon brick protagonist. But it wasn’t all smooth sailing when the brick discovered it can’t do everything on its own and was subjected to the humiliating realization that it needs support from its longtime companion, the wood frame assembly.

About the project:

A single surface folds to create various levels of interiority. The uncommon brick allows for certain types of folds in plan and in section and creates textures depending on its directionality. Changing the brick direction results in a change of texture; this occurs throughout the entire structure, allowing the brick to look rough and protected in certain areas and smooth and welcoming in others. Structure folds around a platform to create interior space.