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Trees, Tar, Rocks, Dirt

Aleksandra Forystek
Trees, Tar, Rocks, Dirt

From the fourth-year undergraduate option studio Trees, Tar, Rocks, Dirt, Fall 2020
Faculty: Paul Preissner

About the studio:

This studio explored architecture as a construction that takes something rather profound but absent any meaning—nature—and creates something else that is superficial, boring, and full of meaning. Starting from an investigation of a few basic things in the world (the four in the studio’s title), it experimented with structure and space and material to produce projects that necessarily will not appeal to everyone, whose unpredictable and not-smooth qualities prohibit popularity.

About the project:

The concept of the project is to develop a lodge that uses basic materials such as wood, rock, tar, and dirt to configure itself into programs that adapt to environmental and domestic situations. The architecture works as a temporary object that can be put together and taken apart, changed and modified depending on the circumstances that are occurring within the lodge. The building is a collection of experimental spaces that create different environments for its residents to explore and enjoy.