International students are welcome to attend YArch. UIC will sponsor students who need to obtain an I-20 in order to attend. Students who will need an I-20 must complete the following steps.
Complete this document in full, including your signature and the names and signatures of your financial sponsors (if any). The UIC Declaration and Certification of Finances (DCF) is a required document and cannot be substituted by other affidavits of support.
Gather your evidence of funding
Secure a financial statement (or combination of statements) showing a total balance equal to or greater than the required estimated program expenses. This includes the program fee, international fee, estimated supply expenses, and estimated living expenses. Visit this page for guidance about acceptable financial statements.
Copy the biographical page of your passport
Photocopy your passport's biographical page showing your name and personal information.
Send required documents to
Students are encouraged to submit documents as soon as possible to ensure timely processing and enough time to obtain a student visa, if necessary.