Cost of Attendance for 2024–25

Tuition and Fees per Year



Tuition  $12,720  $26,510
Tuition Differential*  $6,084  $6,084
Fees**  $3,938  $3,938
Assessments  $1,220  $1,220
Total   $23,702  $37,492


In addition to the cost of tuition and fees, students should expect to spend an average of $1400 per year for books, supplies, materials, and software. A working laptop capable of running CAD and other architectural software is a requirement, and the cost of purchasing and maintaining this is an additional expense.

*Tuition differential varies by program. The yearly differential is $6,084 for the MArch program; $4,402 for MAD-Crit; and $5,038 for MSArch. Within each program, the differential is the same regardless of residency status.

**International fee not included. 

For more information about university tuition and fees, visit the UIC Registrar’s webpage. Graduate students who follow the typical course plan are always in Range I (12 credit hours or more).

Tuition is charged per semester and due at the beginning of each semester. Payment plans are available.