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Admission News and Events


Graduate Reviews

All prospective graduate students are invited to attend our midterm and final reviews. Reviews present the opportunity to learn more about our students' current work, get a feel for the environment of the graduate program, and meet faculty and students. Contact Gwen Fullenkamp for additional details.
Spring 2020 Midterm Reviews:
March 6, 2:00pm - Second-year studio
March 9, 2:00pm - First-year studio
March 18, 2:00pm - Third-year studios

Virtual Graduate Information Sessions

If you can't make it to campus, consider attending a Virtual Information Session. These are one-hour online sessions hosted throughout the year in which prospective students can learn more about the approach and curriculum of the School, the admissions process, and the kinds of work and activities our graduate students are engaging with. 
There are no currently scheduled sessions.

Visit the School of Architecture

Contact us to arrange a one-on-one meeting with the Graduate Advisor, a tour of the School of Architecture facilities and studios, an opportunity to see current student work and sample admission portfolios, etc.

Additional Events

We encourage prospective students to attend our public lectures, exhibitions, and other events hosted at the School. Check our events page for more information.