Summer: Platforms

This pre-fall workshop is a set of seminars and labs. One explores architecture through the design technology of its production. The second introduces current themes and debates in contemporary design practices and related disciplines. The ambition is to extend the genetic and generic material of Chicago--its history of technical invention, landscape fabrication, infrastructural ingenuity, and lifestyle production--to current disciplinary projects.

Fall and Spring: Position

The studio-centered curriculum is supported by required and elective coursework in architectural technology and theory. Specific design and research agendas of current significance are explored with distinguished visiting faculty (e.g., the Greenwald Visiting Professor) and defined as the result of a year-long course of study (consisting of a fall seminar and spring studio) in a research cluster geared toward publishing its findings and proposals.

Fall: topic studios

These option studios provide the opportunity to work on a contemporary architectural and/or urban design problem through the lens of an internationally-recognized instructor.

Spring: research project

Individual and collaborative design-research that addresses concerns at the edge of the contemporary discipline and results from a year-long course of study.