Graduate Costs for 2021-2022

Tuition and Fees per Year



Tuition  $11,870  $24,738
Tuition Differential*  $6,084  $6,084
Fees  $3,622  $3,622
Assessments  $1,140  $1,140
Total   $22,716  $35,584


*Tuition differential varies by program. The yearly differential is $6,084 for the MArch program; $4,402 for MAD-Crit; and $5,038 for MSArch. Within each program, the differential is the same regardless of residency status.

For more information about university tuition and fees, visit the UIC Registrar's webpage. Graduate students who follow the typical course plan are always in Range I (12 credit hours or more).
Tuition is charged per semester and due at the beginning of each semester. Payment plans are available.


School of Architecture Financial Support

The School of Architecture primarily awards the following types of aid:
  • Board of Trustees Tuition Waivers/Scholarships: These are typically awarded for one semester, effectively covering half of a student's costs for an academic year. BOT tuition waivers cover all tuition costs (including differential) and most fees during the waiver semester.

  • Assistantships: These most often come in the form of teaching assistantships, meaning graduate students are assisting architecture faculty in undergraduate architecture courses. Teaching assistants receive a waiver for base tuition costs and fees as well as a monthly stipend. View TA Appointment Guidelines.

  • Hartshorne and Plunkard Fellowship: This fellowship is awarded to one new MArch student each year. See the fellowship page for more information.

What is the process? All financial support is awarded on an annual basis. For new applicants, aid decisions are based on graduate application materials. Each student who applies to the graduate program by the January 15 priority admission deadline will automatically be given full consideration for available aid from the School of Architecture. There is no separate aid application for new students. For continuing students, a brief application is required at the end of each academic year. Aid decisions are based on academic performance and overall contribution to the school. 
Who is eligible? All graduate students in good academic standing may be eligible for aid. Both domestic and international students are evaluated in the same way and are eligible for the same types of aid from the school.
How many students receive aid? In total, approximately 40-50% of all graduate students receive some type of aid from the school each year. More aid is allocated to continuing students so that we can recognize their success in the program. This means that a student's chance of receiving aid often increases as they progress in the graduate program. Additionally, teaching assistantships are primarily allocated to continuing students while stand-alone tuition waivers/scholarships tend to go to new students. Approximately 10-20% of newly admitted graduate students are initially offered some type of aid upon admission. Approximately 50% of all graduate students, new and continuing, receive aid from the school each year.
How much aid do students receive? Most students who do receive aid from the school get 50% awards, meaning half of their tuition may be covered in a given year. Full tuition awards are rare. Only the very top percentage of students are awarded aid that covers full tuition.
What is the deadline? Fall 2021 graduate applicants must apply to the graduate program by January 15, 2021, to be given priority consideration for financial support from the school.


University/External Financial Support

Graduate College University Fellowship
The School of Architecture may nominate up to three applicants each year for this university-wide competition. The Graduate College University Fellowship is granted to only a few incoming students across all disciplines at UIC who are of the highest academic standing, based heavily on GPA and academic achievement. The award provides guaranteed funding for three years of graduate study through a combination of tuition waivers and teaching assistantships. Fellows also receive a Fellowship stipend of up to $25,000 per year provided they remain in good academic standing. Only three-year MArch students are eligible for Graduate College Fellowship consideration.
Applicants must submit a complete graduate application by December 15, 2021 for Graduate College Fellowship consideration. The selected nominees will receive notification from the school in January, at which point they will be asked to complete a short application for submission to UIC's Graduate College. Fellowship winners are typically notified in late February.
Graduate College Resources
Students are encouraged to supplement their potential graduate funding by searching for external funding when possible. The Graduate College maintains a list of potential funding sources to get you started.
University Assistantships
Some architecture students pursue non-architecture assistantship opportunities throughout the university. Most assistantship positions across the campus come with the same tuition waiver and stipend. Open positions are listed on the UIC Job Board.
UIC Office of Scholarships
Students may explore both internal and external scholarship opportunities through the Office of Scholarships website.
All eligible applicants and continuing students are advised to file a Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA). The FAFSA becomes available each year on October 1 for the following academic year. UIC's priority filing deadline is February 15. For further information, visit
AIA Chicago Foundation Diversity Scholarship
This is a design scholarship established to increase diversity within the architectural profession by aiding a graduate student who is pursuing a NAAB-accredited degree at a Chicago-based university. Each year, a total of $10,000 will be awarded to a single graduate recipient over two years ($5,000 per year). Admitted MArch applicants who feel they may be good candidates are encouraged to apply. More information.